Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ananda Guitar Accompaniments
99 Accompaniment Scores, 10 Finger-Picking Tablatures,
and 89 "How to Play" Videos

FLASH! Check out these NEW features:
• MANY new scores
DOZENS of new demo videos!
• 10 new finger-picking tablatures by David Hoogendyk
• Easy-to-remember new URL:

--> Download a PDF of the full book, including:
  •  all the guitar scores shown below (last updated 1/12/16)
  •  binder cover & spine inserts
  •  table of contents
  •  list of all the special chords illustrated on the scores
--> or, Download INDIVIDUAL pages

Meanwhile, ALL scores are being updated, one by one:
• Easy-to-count intro & outro timings
• Easy-to-read chord diagrams
• Page showing ALL chord diagrams used in the book
• Song keys listed on every page
• Song tempos listed when known
Please make sure I have your email (see bottom) so I can keep you posted when things seem "complete"!

NEW!: Download these finger-picking tablatures by David Hoogendyk for Brothers, The Christmas Mystery, Come Gather 'Round, If You're Seeking Freedom, Little Kathy, The Secret of Laughter, Song of the Nightingale, There's Joy in the Heavens, Walk Like a Man, and What Is Love? 
Check out all the video demos below, by Lewis Howard, Jake Fuentes, Panduranga Heater, Ramesha Nani, & Brahmachari Tandava; plus A Festival of Light songs & timings (see at the bottom) by Dambara Begley.

PDF scores included in this book:

A Festival of Light songs, including timings
(Not in PDF's, see Ananda Chants book for scores:)

All guitar scores are either 1 page, or at most 2. We recommend you 3-hole punch them and put them in a 1-inch "view" binder, with A-Z dividers to help you find songs quickly. For 2-page sheets, lay the first page face-down over the second, then 3-hole-punch on the left, so when you insert them in your binder you'll view both pages at once.

Want to be notified about future additions, corrections or updates?  Have comments or suggestions?  Please contact me here.


Blessings & Joy! -- Dambara